Question 1- Johnny Tremain

In the book, Johnny was working on a project for Mr. Hancock too fast and he burned his hand on melted silver. His boss despised him and thought of him as someone who was going to Hell because he had too much pride. The┬árest of the Lapham family also despised of him too except for Cilla. Cilla and the other 3 sisters were scared of him because of his burnt hand and they thought of him as a freak. Before he got burnt, Johnny was respected by the family and his boss and he was becoming one of the best blacksmith’s. Now, he can’t blacksmith anymore because of his burnt hand and he has to hide it from anyone. His boss fired him because he thought it was best for him to go, and now he has no place to stay, money, job, or food. ” ‘Is it true, like ma says, you’ll be only good for picking rags?’ ” (Isannah, pg. 44) I think this is really harsh and it would really put me down and make me depressed if I got my hand burned and they just threw me away. It’s bad how they thought of Johnny as a hopeless and useless person. He really shouldn’t of been to cocky and just took his time on making the silver.

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  1. i agree with this. i would be depressed too if everyone treated me like im useless.
    btw my post is kinda messed up because i forgot to write the question down and i couldnt remember it very well…….

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